Festival News


The gala award ceremony held on 24th September 2016, saw a number of winners in the various categories. Listed below are the categories and the winners;


  1. Best Short Film – The Cleansing (Kenya)
  2. Best Director – What Goes Around (Kenya)
  3. Best Cinematography – The Run (South Africa)
  4. Best Scriptwriter – Tekra (Kenya)
  5. Best Sound Design – Enyongo ya Baba (Kenya)
  6. Best Production Design – Get Some Money (Kenya)
  7. Best Editor – What Goes Around (Kenya)
  8. Best Actor – Nhlanhla Mkhawanazi – The Run (South Africa)
  9. Best Actress – Sandra Dacha – The Cleansing (Kenya)
  10. Best Film on Social Democracy – Tekra (Kenya)
  11. Best Film on Cultural Values and Social Change – The Cleansing (Kenya)


  1. Best Performer – George Chunga
  2. Best Female Performer – Laura Ating’a
  3. Best Poet – Laura Ating’a
  4. Best Spoken Word Artist – Brian Ongiyo
  5. Best Storyteller / Narrator – George Chunga
  6. Best Performance in Local Language – David Weda
  7. Best Item on Creating Dialogues – Brian Ongiyo
  8. Best Item on Social Democracy – Brian Oundo
  9. Best Item on Digital Identities – Brian Ongiyo


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