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We are excited to announce the Inaugural of the Annual Lake International Poetry and Film Festival to be held in Kisumu on 23rd and 24th September 2016.

Lake International Poetry and Film Festival is an Annual poetry performance and short film festival which opens up for youth and experts from all over the world to submit 5-10 minute poetry performances and below 15 minute films. It is aimed at empowering the youth on the power of poetry and film for social change, to sensitize young performers and film makers on film and entrepreneurship.  It also aims at bringing youth from Western Kenya together and opening up the region for tourism, intellectual and cultural exchange.

The festival will have 5 main activities workshops/public lecture forums, exhibitions, Poetry performances, film screenings, and the Gala Award Ceremony.


Arts and Film for Social Change.


1. Creating Dialogues

2. Social Democracy

3. Digital Identities


The deadline for submissions of films and registration of the poetry performances will be 2nd September 2016.


Any films that do not meet the following requirements will be automatically disqualified. The entry requirements have been revised to increase eligibility. kindly adhere.

  1. All films should not be less than 2 (two) minutes and not more than 15 minutes.
  2. Only short drama films are eligible for entry. Documentaries or docudramas will not be accepted.
  3. All films MUST be in any African Native Languages including Swahili.
  4. All films MUST therefore have English translation subtitles.
  5. Every producer/director/group/company is only allowed a maximum of two film entries.
  6. All films to be submitted in HD Quality in both Mp4 and movie file on a flash disk on quality not less than (720pp x 1080pp). All films should be submitted with a trailer of 15seconds together with the short film.
  7. All films must be submitted before the deadlines of 2nd September 2016.
  8. All entries should be original works of the persons submitting. The LIPFF Festival Committee and Organizers will not be accountable for any copyright infringements.
  9. The producers should ensure they have copyright agreement for any songs/music/sounds used in the film with the owners/producers/creaters of the songs/music/sounds. All entries to be submitted with a duly signed submission form which you can download from our website. Click the link  LIPFF FILM SUBMISSION FORM to download. If you cannot download the form kindly send us an email to legacyartsfilmlab@gmail.com



  1. Poetry will be allowed in any of these 3 categories of (a) Poetry verse    (b) Spoken Word  (c) Storytelling
  2. All performances will be by SOLO performers of not less than 16yrs of age.
  3. Poetic performances will be performed live on 23rd and 24th before adjudicators in Kisumu as part of the Festival Activities.
  4. Musical accompaniment by not more than two persons may be allowed, however the instrumentalists or DJs will not join the performer on stage.
  5. All performers must register before the deadline of 2nd September 2016.
  6. All poems must be in English or Swahili.
  7. No décor or heavy props will be used in the poetic performances. We will however allow light props/accessories/costuming.  We are interested in the performer than the production design.
  8. All entries to be submitted with a duly signed submission form which you can download from our website. Click the link LIPFF POETRY ENTRY FORM to download. If you cannot download the form kindly send us an email to legacyartsfilmlab@gmail.com.


(Included in the submission forms)



  1. Hello,

    My intrest is the poetry, are you looking for a dramatized piece orperfomers own choice of understanding in the category and must the item stick to the festival theme?


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  2. Hi. You might want to consider allowing for the delivery of materials through internet as some of us do not have the capability to deliver materials (eg flash disks, forms ) to physical addresses.

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    1. Hi Owino

      Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider that for those who request, however internet submission may reduce quality of some films, incases where the delivery will not be possible we will however allow that entry. We believe that flashdisk is a more affordable way to deliver. Forms can however be sent on email. Let me consult. If the committee accepts we will post the link. We however hope U cann send the hard copy as Kenya network service isn’t that reliable.


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